Life coaching is process of a coach and client working together to facilitate positive change to maximize personal potential. We focus on where you are now, where you want to be, and what you will do to get there, rather than focusing on the past. By setting personalized goals and developing a plan and strategies, coaching will help you to define goals, solutions and support you to take committed action required to reach your goals.
Coaching specifically focuses on forward movement and goal achievement. The focus of coaching is on creating and maintaining an individual's motivation for change, exploring and overcoming obstacles, and taking action to reach goals.
Counselling focuses mainly on the past, on healing mental and emotional wounds and trauma, and helping people address and resolve deeper emotional issues. 
Yes, coaching is worth the investment — assuming you and your coach have set the right goals and you are prepared to work hard at them.
We are constantly spending time, money, and effort to progress and advance, often adopting and changing strategies mid-stride with minimal concern or thought. 
Coaching will harness those investments of time, money and effort — aligning them to your core values and allowing you to reach your goals faster and often with bigger results.
I use Results Coaching methodology. This has contemporary neuroscience at the heart of it, using insight on how the brain works to get the best results from your coaching experience. The process looks like this: 
1. Set goals. Together we explore your needs, and clearly define measurable goals that match your vision of success. 
2. Create your strategy. We work together to define a plan that will help you achieve your goal the most efficient and effective way. 
3. Take action. All through your coaching program we will work together to implement your action plan, monitor results, and identify more opportunities to improve and create changes for greater improvement. 
4. Evaluate the outcomes compared to the goals in step 1. 
5. Maintenance. Create a plan to ensure new behaviors and the learning accomplished are fully ingrained and you feel comfortable and these are now a natural way of life. 
Finding clarity, fulfillment and results. 
Coaching is about defining and setting goals, improving our approach to life obstacles and  to the many stressors and pressures we put on ourselves. With the support of a coach, you can make clearer decisions, learn more deeply from your experiences, gain a clearer perspective on your life, act more decisively, and take more purposeful and effective actions. When working with a coach you begin to focus on what is really important to you and take action to align with your values.
In your first coaching session I will talk you through the coaching process and answer any questions you may have. 
The majority of the session will be working toward defining your primary goals. By focusing on your goals on the outset, we ensure the coaching process is solution oriented and you have motivation to work towards your goals.
No. Coaching gets results fast. One of my personal joys in coaching clients is seeing results sooner than expected. 
One of my longer coaching programs runs up to 12 weeks in order to make huge strides towards big goals. But clients see results every step of the way from after our first session and long after we have finished working together. 
Yes! Coaching does work, but like everything it has its limits. Coaching is powerful, but not the answer to everything.
What are the limits to coaching? You have to be invested in your goals, and motivated to do the work to achieve these goals. The essence of coaching is to draw out solutions that connect strongly to your values and desires. If you aren't willing or motivated to move toward the goal, coaching won't work.