Single Session
*see sliding scale for fees


Individualized Program

Want to set up a program that is specifically for you and your needs? Contact me and we can create a program specifically for you.

Identify Your Stress

Identify specifically where the stress in your life is coming from, and learn techniques to manage it instead of becoming overwhelmed.

Power of No

Until we learn to say "no" we continue to be overwhelmed with too much to do and not enough time. Learn the power of saying "no", different ways to say no, and how to say "yes" on your terms. Release yourself from the burden of pleasing others and give yourself the time and freedom to be and do what is important to you.

6 month Goal Check and Set

Set your goals for 6 months, and check in on your goals previously set. Make a plan for what you want to accomplish. Goal setting is not just for New Years and birthdays. Find the power of making a plan to accomplish what you want in all areas of your life. 

Balance and Self Care Toolkit

Are you complacent in your comfort zone? Are you spending all of your energy in one area of life and neglecting others? Are you letting situations drain your energy? Do you need to let go of a toxic relationship? This is a great course to learn to manage your life balance and keep it healthy. 

More to Come

Self guided programs in development:
Financial Budgeting, Time Budgeting, Setting Boundaries, Discovering Me, and more.

Life Balance

Create healthy daily habits for your self care. Focus on daily gratitude, letting go of things that no longer serve you, detox relationships, and find how how balance your life is (or isn't) and what may be draining your energy.