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​Self Guided

Not sure if you have time for one on one coaching, but want to make changes with some guidance in specific areas. Choose from a variety of self guided programs. Work at your own pace, with the guidance of PDFs emailed to you and personal follow ups from Daleena. 

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​1, 2, 3 month &
VIP Program

Do you know that you want to work with a coach (options for by phone, video, or in person if you are local). You an work one on one with Daleena in sessions that are specifically tailored to your needs and goals. Daleena will follow your lead in what you are wanting to work on, not a cookie-cutter "one size fits all" plan. 

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Check out the large collection of meditations, mid-day breaks, visualizations and affirmations hosted by Daleena. 


Top Life Coach

HI I’m Daleena Ewbank

I coach busy women who have a lot of roles to fill in their life.

Do you find yourself spending all of your time taking care of everyone else's needs except your own? Do you find it hard to say "no" to projects, events, or helping friends, family and coworkers? Are you overwhelmed with life and all you feel like you have to take care of? Do you want to live a more satisfying comfortable life where you don't feel like everyone is taking a piece of you and there is nothing left for you?
It doesn't have to be like that. The reason you're exhausted and overwhelmed is you haven't set healthy boundaries, or prioritized what needs done. You put your needs and desires behind those of others around you.

This is where my coaching can help. You can take time for yourself, have loving relationships with your family, and feel successful and organized. You can create successful, healthy boundaries, and teach others how best to treat you. I create an personalized coaching plan to help you learn about what you need most, and how to create the organized, productive daily life you want and feel calm and cared for at the end of the day as you do at the beginning. After working with me through your individualized program you will have skills and tools to help you feel heard, empowered, and determine what's most important in your day and what can wait.
I have been a professional life coach since 2016, and I have bachelor’s degrees in psychology, ASL interpreting , and life coaching. I also have 3 certifications through AACC in life coaching, and health and wellness coaching. I have also work with women who have been victims of domestic violence at shelter as an advocate, and am personally a survivor of being raised by a narcissistic mother. I want to help you find the strong, confident, resilient person you are inside and show it to the world.

Certified life and health & wellness coach.

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